Humanities: analytical outline: read 23 pages of short text and write


Read Sara Baartman and write a one-paged, single spaced, analytical outline (MLA) (font 12 times new roman)

Analytical Outline:


1) The first part is the shortest and should identify and rephrase in the student’s own words the thesis of the article or chapter.  

2) Trace how the author attempts to prove this thesis.  This analysis of the argument should show the author’s thinking and what evidence they provide.

Also provide a quote from the text with the analysis following right after it.

3) In the third section, state your reactions

to the essay, including what you perceive to be 

brilliance, flaws, or errors on the writer’s part.

My teacher really focuses on the second part: on how the author supports the written thesis. The analysis should be extensive and clearly explained. Teacher is open to any interpretations of the text. Remember to include a quote and then analyze it. 

Try not to use words like “you”or “I”.

And please include a works cited page in MLA along with the in-text citation for the quote.

1. Sample outline 

2. Sara Bartman – reading

3. Notes that might help

Please do a good job. 

Due on 9/14/17 1:00pm

Please let me know if there are any questions.