Human resources management week 1 discussion

Part I: Are people always an organization’s most valuable asset? Why or why not? Suppose your boss asked you to summarize the major people-related concerns about opening an office in India. What issues would be on your list?

Part II: Read Case Study 1. How a Strategy Change Led to Nike’s Formation on page 77 and discussed your answers to the questions.

By Day 5:

Respond to at least two fellow learners in either of the following ways:

  • Offer additional information based on your professional experience or research.
  • Post an article or website and summarize why it might provide further insight. 
  • Offer a contradictory opinion based on research and pose a question to seek further information.
  • Provide an insight, seek clarification and/or note an omission that might be important.

Return to this discussion to read responses to your initial post. Note what you have learned and/or insights gained from fellow learners’ comments. 

NOTE: When responding to fellow learners in course discussion boards, you should refer to the Guidelines for Providing Constructive Feedback document posted under the “Course Information & Resources” folder.

Discussion Rubric will be used for grading.