Hrm 310 week 4 communicating change presentation

Week 4:


Learning Team Assignment Communicating Change Presentation


This assignment continues your Learning Team assignment from Week Two. Assume the same 


role of a midlevel manager at the selected organization. In this management position, 


you supervise two to four first-level managers. The organization is about to go 


through a major change such as a move to new location, added technology, streamline of 


the workforce with more shared responsibilities, and so forth. In preparation for this 


change, you must create a presentation to your employees to guide them in successfully 


managing the change with their entry-level employees.




Resource: Change Management Memo assignment from Week Two




Create a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker’s notes. The 


presentation must include the following:




Discuss the leadership role you expect your management team to have in implementing 


the change.




Explain the need to communicate the shared vision for the entire organization.




Share at least three communication tools that can be used to communicate the shared 


vision and ensure employee understanding.




Discuss the importance of enlisting the employee involvement.




Describe at least three examples of how to enlist employee involvement in response to 


this change.




Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.