How do you compare pcm with pwm and ppm


1.How do you compare PCM with PWM and PPM?

2.A 8-bit ADC with 5 volt full scale voltage samples an analog signal at 1 kHz. Find the speed of the binary information at the output of the ADC.

3. A linear PCM system uses an 8-bit ADC with 8 v full scale voltage. Find the dynamic range and the SQNR in dB.

4.In a T1 PCM-TDM system, 24 signals all with the same bandwidth of 4 kHz are multiplexed after sampling at their Nyquist rate. If an 8-bit ADC is employed in this T-carrier system, find the speed of the digital multiplexed line. Assume 8 Kbps overhead for the T-carrier.

5.For each of the following line codes, find the approximate required bandwidth of a T1 line.

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