Hiring portfolio | Computer Science homework help

Hiring Portfolio


  • Create a 10- to 15-page hiring portfolio in Microsoft Word using the outline attached below. Ensure that you include the table of contents.
  • Include the following key portfolio elements:
    • Cover letter
    • Résumé
    • Self-promotional materials such as:
      • Positive work evaluation forms and memos from supervisors
      • Articles and/or newsletters in which your name appears or you were involved
      • Customer surveys
      • Awards (customer service awards, employee or appreciation awards, etc.)
      • Letters of thanks and appreciation
    • Educational documents such as diplomas, certificates, degrees, and academic transcripts
    • References
    • Portfolio of products and samples
  • Include the research project covered in the course as a sample of your projects. Ensure that you include your recommendations for future research.
  • Also include your CV.




Specific Instructions


Provided a portfolio outline


Included key portfolio elements.


Included a well-formatted CV


Provided a relevant conclusion to the research questions and research goals. Also provided recommendations for future research.


Written components


Support your answers with appropriate research and examples.


Cite all sources in APA format.