Hidetora and king lear | English homework help


You are comparing King Lear and Hidetora from the movie ran. 
My two characters are Hidetora and King Lear, you have to describe them as a tragic hero 

a minimum of 1250 words, and a Works Cited page (not part of the 1250 word count), listing your primary and secondary sources (you must have a minimum of one secondary source: academic journal articles, online essays, chapters from books). The paper should have an introduction, a body (middle), and a conclusion.
The introduction should provide brief background information about the two works you selected and should narrow to your thesis statement, which should be the last sentence in your introduction. The thesis statement is the controlling idea of your essay, which you will develop in the body paragraphs of the essay. 

In the body of your essay you should discuss passages from the play, film, or novel that helped you to arrive at your thesis. In other words, you refer to passages in the play, film, and novel (along with your secondary sources) as evidence to support the argument you are making. For maximum control you should use a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. The topic sentence should control the scope of the paragraph and lend support to your thesis statement

The conclusion should restate the thesis and bring your essay to closure.

*Anagnorisis: The recognition achieved by the protagonist of a tragedy, usually an understanding of, or higher wisdom gained by acknowledging his or her hamartia (tragic flaw). This recognition usually occurs after the tragedy’s peripeteia (reversal of circumstances) , like Oedipus realizing that he murdered his father and slept with his mother. In his Anatomy of Criticism, Northrup Frye states that “Anagnorisis is not simply an awareness by the hero of what has happened to him, but the recognition of the determined shape of the life he has created for himself, with an implicit comparison to the uncreated potential life he has forsaken.”