Go19_ac_ch04_grader_4g_as – human resources 1.0

 GO19_AC_CH04_GRADER_4G_AS – Human Resources 1.0


Project Description:

In this project, you will append data from one table to another, modify the design of a table, and, after adding an Attachment field, you will attach a Word document to a database record. You will also create a table to organize special events offered to employees.


Start   Access. Download, open, and save the database named Student_Access_4G_Human_Resources.accdb.


Save   a copy of the Management table as the Employees   table.


Copy   the Trainees table and then paste the table, appending the data from it into   the Employees table (the appended table will contain eleven records).


Open   the Employees table in Design view. Change the data type for the Empl ID   field to Short Text.


In   the Empl ID field, limit the field size to 4   characters.


Add   a new Monthly Salary field below the Annual Salary field,   with the data type set to Calculated. In the Expression Builder dialog box,   enter the calculation as [Annual Salary]/12   and change the Result Type to Currency.


Between   the ZIP field and the Annual Salary field, add a new Certificate field to the table with the data type   set to Attachment.


Select   the ZIP field. In the Input Mask box, type 00000\-9999.   Limit the field size to 10   characters. Make entry of data into the field required. View the table in   Datasheet view, and save your changes. In the warning message box, click Yes   to continue, and then click Yes to continue.


In   the Michael Chin record, in the Attachment field, double-click, and then from   the student data files, attach Chin_Cert.pdf.   Click OK. Using the same technique, for the Jan Meyer record, add the   certificate that is in the Meyer_Cert.pdf   file. Close the table.


Create   a table in Design view. In the first Field Name box, type Activity ID, and select an AutoNumber data type.   On the Design tab, in the Tools group, click the Primary Key button.


In   the second Field Name box, type Activity.   In the third Field Name box, type Shift   and select a Lookup Wizard data type. Type the look up list to include Day, Evening,   Overnight, and Weekend.


Switch   to Datasheet view, saving the table as Employee   Activities.


Populate   the table with the following data, and then adjust the column widths so all   data is visible.


Activity ID









Appetizer Buffet








Softball Game







Save   and close the database, and then submit for grading.