Go19_ac_ch02_grader_2a_hw – instructors and courses 1.1

GO19_AC_CH02_GRADER_2A_HW – Instructors and Courses 1.1


Start   Access. Open the file Student_Access_2A_Instructors_Courses.accdb   downloaded with this project. Then, in your textbook, turn to Project 2A and   complete all of the steps in Activities 2.01-2.16.


Complete   Activity 2.01 Opening an Existing Database and Viewing Tables.


Complete   Activity 2.02 Selecting the Tables and Common Field to Establish the Table   Relationship.


Complete   Activity 2.03 Setting Relationship Options.


Complete   Activity 2.04 Saving a Relationship Report. Save the report as Relationships for 2A_Instructors_Courses.


Complete   Activity 2.05 Displaying Subdatasheet Records.


Complete   Activity 2.06 Testing Cascade Options.


Complete   Activity 2.07 Sorting Records in a Table in Ascending or Descending Order.


Complete   Activity 2.08 Sorting Records in a Table on Multiple Fields.


Complete   Activity 2.09 Creating a New Select Query in Design View.


Complete   Activity 2.10 Running, Saving, Printing, and Closing a Query.


Complete   Activity 2.11 Copying an Existing Query.


Complete   Activity 2.12 Modifying the Design of a Query.


Complete   Activity 2.13 Sorting Query Results.


Complete   Activity 2.14 Specifying Text Criteria in a Query.


Complete   Activity 2.15 Specifying Criteria and Hiding the Field in the Query Results.


Complete   Activity 2.16 Using Is Null Criteria to Find Empty Fields.


Save   and close the database, and then submit for grading.