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Essay # 2 – Cause and Effect Essay


600 words

Due March 18, 2015


Assignment:    Write a thesis-supported essay of 600 words about the causes or effects of our constant use of an object or a habit of ours  that affects our living and relationships.  Incorporate the idea of sustainability as presented in the introduction to Sustainability.* The thesis of the essay will present a thoughtful perspective of  how our actions affect those around us.   The content of your essay will include your experience from the “Cold Turkey Challenge” and at least one reference to at least one of the three assigned readings listed below. You are welcome to include some findings from casual research.  Your essay must include the following:


Introduction  (5 points)

            Use an introductory device that connects the reader with your topic and leads the reader to a clearly stated thesis statement.  A successful introduction will be at least five sentences long.


Thesis                        (10 points)

            The thesis, included at the end of the introductory paragraph, will identify your perspective of the cause/s or effect/s of the constant use of an object or  habit that affects those around us.   Your thesis also will indicate whether you are writing to inform or persuade (or both) the reader. 


A definition or description of the type of use or habit you choose to write about and some background about why people use it or how a habit develops.  This paragraph will give a good foundation for your investigation of the topic as well as help the reader understand your point.  This paragraph is worth 10 points.


At least two, if not three causes or effects.            (20 points)

            The causes/effects maybe be shaped by your personal experience for the “Cold Turkey Challenge,” and they also will be verified by credible information that you have discovered in the reading assignments and any possible research you choose to do.   The causes/effects will  use RENNS to show the connection between our dependence or habit and those around us.


Conclusion                (10 points)

            You conclusion will be more than a summary of your work.  You will use induction or deduction to explain the significance of the cause/effect  and its relation to sustainability. The connection to sustainability should be at least 2 sentences long.   


In text-citations        5 points

            Your sources will be cited correctly using MLA format  (this includes quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing correctly.  At least one of your citations should be paraphrased).


Work Cited list                     (5 points)

            A correctly compiled work cited list, using MLA format.