Global business throughout time | Management homework help

Assignment Description: 
In this class, you will create a Research Paper addressing information surrounding Global Business and how changes in business have impacted Global Business throughout time. 

Assignment Requirements: The paper must be 7-8 pages and include historical background, examples of progress, and challenges that have existed in the history of global business until current day. Other areas to explore could be global training, global human resources practices, global financial trends, global organizational challenges, or any other global area that could relate. The paper is to be written in a formal style at a level appropriate for reading by another student who is not necessarily familiar with the topic. 

Your paper should have clearly labeled sections and well written paragraphs throughout. 

Please include/format with the following:
-Title your paper
-Your name
-The course number, course title, and semester
-Use 1”margins on all pages
-Number each page
-Three or more sections (with headings) containing the report and significance of the findings 
-A conclusion and summary section including suggestions for follow-up information
-A complete list of cited references organized by author, including all citations in APA format 
-Minimum of 8 references from Peer Reviewed articles written within the past five years