Genetic disorder | Biology homework help

Part 1: Genetic Disorders

In addition to the readings from Week 3 (Chapters 8, 9 & 10), select a specific Genetic Disorder (i.e. Duane Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, Cri du chat, Achondroplasia, Fragile X Syndrome, Hemophilia, Progeria and Tay-Sachs to name a few) and research it further. There are over 40 different Genetic Disorders, please select a specific Genetic Disorder which has not been blogged about by another student. This will diversify our Week 4 Blog with information on different Genetic Disorders.

Go to the National Human Genome Research Institute or The Office of Rare Diseases Research (ORDR) and research a specific Genetic Disorder.

Title your initial blog post with the specific Genetic Disorder you will be discussing; this is required so everyone knows which specific Genetic Disorders have been posted on and to ensure there is diverse pool of genetic disorders discussed.  No duplicate topics are permitted; a 10-point deduction for posting on a topic that has already been posted on.  Then share with the class what you have learned about the Genetic Disorder by writing a full paragraph summary (150 words minimum) of what you have learned about the Genetic Disorder including: who is affected, what is the genetic abnormality, what treatments are available and what is the current state of research.