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You have to writing a full thesis for a business plan, the business plan is for a start-up company named (look up), look up is a social media platform that brings both formal network and entertainment  community together, it is like instagram and linkdin combined.

you have to write a full business plan for (look-up) detailing every single aspect of the plan from the idea of the platform and briefly saying what your company is and why it will be successful to the rest… 

  • Company description. … 
  • Market analysis. … 
  • Organization and management. … 
  • Service or product line. … 
  • Marketing and sales. …  
  • Demographics 
  • Financial plan 
  • and more and….ect
  • The required minimum word count for this is 12,000 words, not including references 


Word Count: 10,000 to 12,000 words (not including abstract, appendices and


Font: Times New Roman 12.

Paper Size: A4

Margin Settings: Top 2.54cm, Bottom 2.54cm, Left 3.17cm, Right 3.17cm

Line Spacing: Single. Double between paragraphs.

Page Numbering: For the sections such as Acknowledgements, Contents and others


The thesis should contain an abstract written in 350 words or less. A good abstract is

difficult to write and it can only be completed after the thesis has been written. It

represents a brief summary of the research results. The abstract must be transparent,

clear, avoiding descriptions and details stated in the core text of the work. By

summarizing the results of the research, it allows other people to get an idea of what was

accomplished without having to read through the entire thesis. Other scholars can read

an abstract to decide if looking at the full work will be worthwhile.


In the conclusion, the student should bring together all parts of the thesis by

demonstrating how the initial research plan has been addressed in such a way that the

conclusions may be formed from the evidence obtained in the research process. No new

material or quotations should be added here. The conclusions should make a statement

on the extent to which each of the aims and objectives have been met. The students

should bring back their research questions and state clearly the understanding of those