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Due:Friday, October 27, 2017 9:00 at the beginning of classA teacher wants to be able to enter test scores and find the average.  She would like to have a feature that allows her to remove the last test score added if she miss typed it.  For example:The test scores 98, 65, 89, 77, 16 were entered one at a time pressing the Enter key after each one.  The teacher realized that the 16 was supposed to be 61 and wants to remove the 16 and replace it with the 61.Write a program that uses the Stack class created in class that will hold the test scores until the teacher enters DONE.  If the teacher enters a number, it should be pushed onto the stack.  If the teacher enters REVERSE, the last number entered should be removed.  After all the numbers have been entered, the program should calculate the average and display the following:The test scores entered listed on one line separated by a commaThe average of the test scoresThe letter grade for the student – Grading scale A is 90 or more, B is 80 – 89, C is 70 – 79, D is 60 – 69 and F is below 60.Add the following comments to the beginning of the program.Name:Your NameClass and Section:CS 222 01Assignment:Program Assignment 05Due Date:See aboveDate Turned in:Program Description:You write a short description of what the program will do