Findings | Education homework help

How do you or would you represent and report findings?

 How should you interpret data?

 How do you validate the accuracy of your findings?

 do not retype the question just restate the question when you add on your answer. For  example, do not type: Is this a quantitative or qualitative study?  Instead, you should type: The study that will be conducted will use quantitative data, or the study that will be conducted is of a  qualitative nature. 

  1. What were some results, generalizations, and/or generalizations?
  2. What type of analysis would you have used?/What would you use to report findings (tables, graphs, charts, etc.)?
  3. Is this a qualitative or quantitative study?
  4. What would be some limitations to this study if you had conducted it?
  5. What are your recommendations for future research?