Find 4 broadcast ads on youtube or another online source that you


Find 4 broadcast ads on YouTube or another online source that you find to be very creative. In a 2-4 page essay, describe what you find to be creative about these ads. 100 Points.

Your essay should:

-Explain what you find creative, and why you think that approach works for the product/brand.

-How to the elements of the ad (casting, music, sound effects, writing, camera angles, lighting, etc.) contribute to the creativity?

-Who do you think that the target audience for each ad is? Would it be effective for other targets? Why or why not?

-Would you make any changes to the ad if you were the creative director?

-Provide a reference page at the end (doesn’t factor into page count) with links to the ads so that I can view them, too.

Be mindful of proper spelling, grammar, and writing style