Finance week 5 journal | Accounting homework help

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, watch the Week 5 Journal video with Brenda Forde, CPA, MBA, and review the Personal Investment and Diversification Resource Download Personal Investment and Diversification Resourcedocument.

In the last couple of weeks, you have been studying investment methods and opportunities for corporations. Using some of the same information and theories, you will apply this to your own personal finance investing opportunities.

Investing can be a struggle for many people. The many different options and directions available can quickly become overwhelming. Some are riskier than others. The very best thing to do for yourself is to always go into any investment armed with information. Having a complete picture of your current finances (net worth, net income, and monthly/yearly plan for spending) is the first step in determining the best investment options for you. Having a complete picture of the investment options that might interest you is the second step.

After reviewing the Personal Investment and Diversification Resource, in particular the last page of resources, determine how you might incorporate some of these investment opportunities into growing your own personal wealth. Your reflection should be a minimum of 350 words.