Final part 2 (greg) | Education homework help

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You are a Probation Officer who has just been assigned the case below.  Consider all the information below before responding.

Name: John Ripley

Age: 45

Marital status: Divorced, no children

Education: GED diploma

Employment: Employed as a Plumber with his uncle who owns a small plumbing business

Residence: Ripley will be living with his elderly mother, who resides in an apartment building.

Prior Convictions: None

Current Conviction:  After a credible tip, investigators confiscated Ripley’s desk computer  and found over 12 images of child pornography depicting nude pictures of  children younger than 10 years old in an electronic folder labeled  “vacation.”

Given  that he had no prior convictions, his age, employment status, and ties  to the community, including caring for his elderly mother, the judge  imposed as 5-year probation sentence. 

Based on the information that has been provided, what level of risk would you classify Ripley, and then explain why?

Based  on the risk level you have assigned to Ripley, what specific probation  conditions would you set for him, and explain why?  Consider  every detail that has been provided and remember that you must support  your response with a minimum of three scholarly research studies.