Fin 515 final 133171 | Business & Finance homework help

1. Double taxation is a drawback for whichof the following types of business organization excelpt?

2. Sole proprietorships have all of the following advantages except?

3. which of the following would cause he future value of an annuity to decrease?

4. In a TVM calculation, if the interest rate is 10% per year and payments are monthly, the interest rate should be entered into the formula as ?

5. if you were a manager of a company, which of the three right side components of th Dupont would you want to increase and which would you want to decrease, other things being equal?

6. A stock has just paid dividend and has declared an anual dividend of $2.00 to be paid one year from today. the dividend is not expected to grow. the return on rquity of similar stocks is 12%. What isp?

7. A stock has just paid a dividend has declared an annual dividend of $12.00 to be paid one year rom today. The dvidend is expected to grow at a rate of 7% annual rate. The return on equity for simlar stocks is 12%.what is p?

8. A bond has 5 years to maturity and has a YTM of 8. Its par value is $1,000. its semiannual coupons are $50. What is the bonds current market price.

9. A bond currently sells for $1,030 even though it has a par value of $1000………..

10. Using examples, explain the difference between systematic risk and nonsystematic risk

11. A company has 30 million shares outstandingtradng for $8 per share………..

12.what is the difference between capital……