Facebook and revenge effects | Computer Science homework help

If you choose Lesson 6 (Technology and You), you have a different task.  I would like you to take your knowledge of Facebook and what you now know about Revenge Effects and predict some possible Revenge Effects resulting from the Facebook environment.  Topics that I think might be appropriate will be effects on young people, health effects of virtuality, legal questions, financial implications are just a few things I think might be interesting to explore.  

It is probably fair to say that at this point there may not be any correct (or incorrect) answers.  So for this topic, you will have to be especially persuasive in tying together what you have learned about Revenge Effects and how Facebook might result in some unexpected blowback (Revenge Effects).  Of course, one of the definitions of Revenge Effect is that the results are unanticipated, so if you anticipate them they are not, by definition a Revenge Effect.  However, since you also have the benefit of knowing something about technology (specifically Computer Technology Revenge Effects from an earlier lesson) I think you are in a unique position to speculate and comment upon possible Facebook Revenge Effects.

As in Option #1, your essay should be the equivalent of at least 3 (12 pt Times New Roman is my standard) double-spaced pages.  All the rules of college composition apply (grammar and spelling), and you must provide citations to examples you cite.  For example if you quote information from a medical web site in your essay, please embed a link to the source so I can simply click on it and see the data you cite.  If you cite traditional media, please use a bibliography at the end of your essay. The bibliography does not count toward the 3-5 pages