Exp22_excel_ch04_ml1 – ebl sporting goods 1.1

Exp22_Excel_Ch04_ML1 – EBL Sporting Goods 1.1

Exp22_Excel_Ch04_ML1 – EBL Sporting Goods 1.1

Excel Chapter 4 Mid-Level 1 – EBL Sporting Goods 


Project Description:

You are the inventory manager for EBL Sporting Goods. EBL is a national sporting goods store with several warehouses. You are currently performing an analysis to determine inventory levels, as well as the total value of inventory on hand. Your last steps will be to check the report for duplicate entries and format for printing.


Start Excel. Download and open   the file named EXP22_Excel_Ch04_ML1_Inventory.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Freeze the panes at cell B2 so   that the column labels do not scroll offscreen.


Convert the data to a table and   name the table Inventory2024.


Apply Light Green, Table Style   Light 18 to the table.


Sort the table by Warehouse (A   to Z), then by Unit Price (smallest to largest), and then by Department.   Create a custom sort order for Department so that it displays in this   sequence: Training, Athletic Apparel, Footwear, Fitness, Outdoor Gear, and Toys.


Remove duplicate records from   the table. Excel should find and remove one duplicate record.


Create an unqualified structured   reference in column G to determine the value of the inventory on hand. To   calculate the inventory on hand, multiply the Unit Price and the Amount on   Hand.


Apply a Total Row to the   Inventory2024 table; set the Amount on Hand to Average. Format the results to   display with two decimal points.


Create a new conditional   formatting rule in column D that displays any Inventory Value for the Toys   department with a value of $10,000 or more as Red, Accent 2 fill color (the   6th color located on the top row of the Format Cells window) with White,   Background 1 font color. There will be two qualifying entries.


Ensure the warehouse information   is not broken up between pages when printed. Add a page break to make sure   that each warehouse prints on its own consecutive page.


Set the worksheet to Landscape   orientation and repeat row 1 labels on all pages and page order prints Down,   then over.


Display the Inventory sheet in   Page Break Preview.


Save and close EXP22_Excel_CH04_ML1_Inventory.xlsx.   Exit Excel.