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Leasing Versus purchasing Paper




Leasing is a contact that grants an equipment possession to another party for a specified period of time. It is accompanied with an agreed compensation for that period while purchasing is a process of acquiring a good or services at a cost to accomplish some set objectives and goals.


Leasing is often regarded as the best and quick method of acquiring new equipment in an office because to its low cost of acquisition unlike purchasing that involves high initial costs. Leasing is flexible in the sense that complicated and cumbersome procedures of equipment acquisition are avoided. These factors make leasing cost effective.


For equipment that needs to be updated often, leasing is a preferable method. This is because new technology can be acquired far much easier and quicker when compared to other methods such as purchasing. Leasing helps to get rid of outdated equipment easily and thus the business can regularly be adapted to the new trends in technology. In so doing the business persistently remains dominant in the market.


Leasing is also preferable due to the fact that it’s a cheap method with predictable returns. This method is preferable in most companies because the company doesn’t need to deal with large sum of money to purchase thus easier to budget for.


For the equipment that are only needed by the company over a short span or for simply a short-term procedure leasing is preferable as it offer the required acquisition flexibility without having to budget all over again to acquire the equipment of interest. Through leasing a business can acquire equipment beyond its budget due to the fact that no incremental costs are included and it is based on contract duration.


Leasing is a highly flexible method that offers the business a wide range of options to choose from. In so doing the company or business is not restricted to high costs of equipment acquisition associated with purchasing processes.


Leasing is as well preferred because if leased equipment gets a breakdown the leasing company is responsible for the repair and fixing expenses. This therefore does not affect the normal operation costs of the company thus preferable by many businesses.


While leasing may be preferable as a mean of new equipment acquisition purchasing still has a lot of advantages to offer. The flexibility of usage of newly acquired equipment ensures that the company does not wait for the breakdown to be addressed by the leaser; this ensures quick fixing of the problems thus no interruption in the operations of the business.


Purchasing as well gives the freedom of reselling the equipment once it’s out of use, the company or business can therefore recover some of the cost in order to acquire q different equipment all the same.


Agreements and contracts are avoided in the purchasing process unlike leasing, purchasing involve the change of ownership, a desirable process for any sound business.


Unlike leasing that is limited on the stock of the leasing partner, purchasing offers a wide range of stock. The company or business thus can reach an informed decision from a wide range of purchasing options availed both in the shops or online platforms of equipment acquisition through purchasing.