Essay 6-7 pages | English homework help

Need help please. Essay is due by midnight central time April 1, 2015 but no later than by 8am central April 2, 2015. No plagiarism, correct format, and essay followed by the contents provided please.


Analyze the connection between a philosophical, political, or religious text and its significance to literary work. This essay requires you to identify relationships between the two texts, inspired themes/characters/ideas from that connection, and the historical discourse involved between the two texts.

You should limit your two primary sources to the textbook(The Norton Anthlolgy: World Literature, Volume 1, Shorter 3rd Ed.)


Basic Requirements:

Page requirement is 6-7 pages. It must be 6 full pages. This does not include your works cited page. No more than 2 block quotes permitted.

MLA format is required

You must have 2 primary sources and at least 6 secondary sources

You must respond to the topic appropriately