Era of good feelings and acquisitions

Era of Good Feelings and Acquisitions

In this two-part discussion, you will need to address the questions of both sections listed below. The primary sources and videos included in the unit will be helpful for you as you answer the questions. Be sure to cite any material you use in answering the questions.


Many changes happened over the period from the Era of Good Feelings to the Second Party System in 1833. Discuss each of the following (listed below) explaining the initial position, the changes that occurred over time and why, who advocated the change, and who opposed it.

American System (as treated by Congress under Madison and President Jackson’s approach). Indian Removal


The U.S. acquired some territories through war and some peacefully. Describe the ways in which Texas became a slave state and California a free state. In what ways were their acquisitions different? How could Mexico interpret Manifest Destiny?

Your initial post should be an in-depth response that addresses all the questions and issues involved. After you make your initial posting, respond the posts of at least two of your classmates.