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For paper 3, you will analyze the ethical or unethical nature of a specific engineering issue by identifying problems in the situation and using an engineering code of ethics to determine how engineering actions and decisions were ethical or unethical. You should write your analysis on one of the topics below. Within your chosen topic, you’ll argue three points that focus on specific parts of engineering that were ethical or unethical according to a specific code of engineering ethics (e.g., NSPE Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.), ASME Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.)).

Avoid discussion of business ethics and focus on the engineering and/or actions of engineers.

Planned Obsolecense
Manned Trip to Mars
Gene Editing
Drone Surveillance


(1) Students form a persuasive and well-supported argument about the ethical issues of the case
(2) Students adequately describe the technical engineering aspects of the issue for a general audience
(3) Students create clear, organized, and detailed documents


  • All papers must be in 12-point Times New Roman font (smaller fonts are appropriate for figure captions and text inside figures).
  • All margins must be 1” all around (note that old versions of Word typically default to 1.25” for left and right margins, so you will need to change these).
  • All papers should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced.
  • Graphics should be used as needed, particularly in the technical description.
  • The paper should be well-researched and cite various sources as needed. Your sources are necessary to provide authoritative support for your ideas and to give credit for supporting ideas that don’t belong to you. Use the APA style of documentation to format your in-text citations and References section.
  • Your paper should have a well-defined point/thesis – a statement somewhere in the introduction that conveys to the reader precisely what your subject is, what your position is, and how you will support this position. Remember that a thesis is a promise to the reader that you’re going to discuss one specific main idea; the rest of your paper is how you go about keeping that promise.


Every paragraph and section should be obviously related to the thesis; every paragraph and section should be obviously related to each other; every sentence in a paragraph should be obviously linked to each other and should obviously refer back to its paragraph’s topic sentence.

The structure of the paper should include an introductory section, a section that describes the engineering issue/technology/problem, a section that discusses the relevant ethical issues and applies a code of engineering ethics to the issues, and a conclusion section. These sections should be clearly labeled with section headings.

Your audience for paper 3, though educated, possesses no specialized knowledge of your research/experiment or of the ethical situation you’re discussing; this fact means you must provide a technical explanation of your chosen scenario (defining any technical terms).

Graphics must serve a substantive purpose, which means you must think carefully about what areas of your content might be helped by visual representation and what types of graphics (photos, diagrams, tables, charts, etc.) will most effectively accomplish your purpose. These graphics may certainly come from outside sources as long as you cite them appropriately. If you modify a graphic in any way, your citation should reflect changes made.

Below, I have attached the short reflection that I have submitted before writing this paper