Eng242_190 short story interpretation discussion boards 6 | ENG242_190 short story interpretation

2 discussion boards (250 words each discussion)

***6.1 Discussion Board***

In but a few short pages, Kate Chopin gives us the story of an abandoned woman, taken in by an older couple, raised as their own, married to a man of great wealth, bearing a child, and once again being tossed aside – this time with a child. 

The twice-abandoned Desiree finds solace in Madame Valmonde both times. Madame Valmonde shows Desiree uncompromised love both as a child and as an adult with her own child. It is Armand who is cold and callous, casting Desiree out because their child shows signs of being multi-racial.

A few questions arise about the way in which Kate Chopin is using race as a symbol in “Desiree’s Baby.”

Initial Post Instructions
How does the reaction to race symbolize Chopin’s assessment of the fragility of love and understanding between men and women? (Consider both Armand and Madame Valmonde’s reactions.) 

Is Chopin using the child’s multi-racial features to reveal a secret Armand is desperate to keep or do we automatically assume Desiree is multi-racial simply because she was abandoned as a child?

***6.2 Discussion Board***

In Greek tragedies, there was always a chorus who served as the population of a given city, a group of soldiers, a collection of servants – a mass of people who had a relevant relationship to the story at hand. This collection of characters was usually of a like mindset or bandied questions among themselves. The chorus often spoke to the audience directly, warning of what was to come and assessing the injustice taking place around them. 

Initial Post Instructions
Analyze the extent to which Zora Neale Hurston is using ‘the men’ from town as a Greek chorus in “Sweat.” Are they accomplishing the various goals laid out above, or are they serving another purpose as well? 

The story contains an interesting collection of violence. To what extent do you hold Delia responsible for Syke’s death? Do you consider her a murderer?