Eng 222 – week 5 – individual assignments

Career Research and Preparation

Select one job or career field for further research.


Write a 150- to 250-word summary describing your selected job’s or career field’s educational requirements; types of programs or software knowledge needed; and the required professional experience.


Describe, in your summary, an action plan for acquiring more skills to add to your qualifications in the future.

Final Project: User Manual Excerpt

Write the manual excerpt with a specific audience in mind. Provide effective, clear, concise, accurate and coherent written communication that introduces students to the UOP application that you have selected.


Proofread and complete your user manual excerpt to include also the following content and style elements:

  • Table of contents with a heading and sub-headings from Week2
  • Screen captures from Week 3
  • Style sheet information from Week 4
  • Headers and footers that include page numbers, copyright information, and other necessary information
                         Copyright @2015 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.                    
  • Professional and readable font, font styles, font sizes
  • Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using the UOP application
  • Visual elements such as pointers added to screen captures, as needed for clarity
  • Effective page layout and line spacing
  • Terminology definitions for any symbols or diagrams used

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