Employment-at-will and sarbanes-oxley | Human Resource Management homework help

“Employment-at-Will and Sarbanes-Oxley” Please respond to the following:


Scrutinize the ethics of employment-at-will to determine whether you believe this is a practice that should be protected in the U.S. Explain your rationale.

Discuss whether the Sarbanes-Oxley act protects whistle-blowers enough (or perhaps too much). What changes would you make to improve the effectiveness of the law.

“Freedom of Speech and False Claims” Please respond to the following:


Drawing on arguments found in the reading for this week, determine the appropriate balance between unfettered free speech and the duties of public employees. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Taking both the False Claims Act and global norms into account, make at least three recommendations for encouraging employees to report ethically questionable corporate practices.Discussion Thread Guidelines – Read BEFORE You Post

1.Read the text and related sources to prepare your responses.

2.Type well written, substantive persuasive statements with evidence from the chapter or other resources to convince the readers. Donot copy the answers from the text or any other source.Do not use direct quotes. Paraphrase and cite.

3.Refrain from using language that lacks critical thinking. This is a formal writing entry so do not use slang, or casual e-mail or textlanguage. Credit will only be given for well written convincing statements supported by evidence and citations.

4.Postings should be written in paragraph format. A paragraph equals three or more sentences.Do not use bullets or lists (seriation) to answer questions.

5.Cite and reference all sources in correct APA format. There should beat least one citation per answer. Edit and spell check everything you write. Correct citation, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure are expected in allof your assignments.

6. Comment on the responses, questions, or comments from at least one other student posting using paragraph format. Short responses are not acceptable. Tellus why you agree or disagree with supportive language. Short answers lacking substance will NOT be given any credit. If you are going to ask a classmate a question regarding their opinion about something, you must also provide a detailed explanation about your opinion too.

Reference:Halbert, T., and Ingulli, E. (2012).Law and Ethics in the Business Environment(7thEdition). Mason, OH: Carnage Learning