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The goal of this discussion is to apply economic concepts to people’s decision making. 



The Coupon Kid | Extreme Couponing

View and analyze “The Coupon Kid | Extreme Couponing.” According to Broderick, all the items in his storage are worth approximately $4,500, but he only spent about $100. How would an economist respond to this? Are there any economic concepts that can be applied to this scenario?   Note: You’ll not be able to see your classmates’ initial posts until you’ve posted. Initial post is due by Thursday (11:59pm).  


Review your peer’s posts and find a couple (at least two) of classmates with whom you can start a conversation. You can ask a clarifying question and/or respond with an insightful or thought-provoking comment. Responses to peers are due by Sunday (11:59pm).  

Please Note: “I agree” is not sufficient for a response. If you agree, make sure to explain why you agree. Your response could add an interesting thought, idea, personal connection, or a question that adds to the discussion.


Please see the grading rubric for guidance on what is expected for full credit. Click on the 3 vertical dots button (upper right corner), then select “Show Rubric.” Canvas App Mobile users: Click Grades, then click into the Discussion. The rubric can then be found on the Submission & Rubric link.


As you read and respond to others’ posts, keep in mind some basic rules for netiquette:

  • Be kind and respectful to others
  • Use full sentences
  • Don’t use too much jargon
  • Treat others online as you wish to be treated
  • Use language that supports others