Easy english homework 3 pages

CIT Summary and Response Paper

Summary can be beneficial to you as a writer in many ways.  You may want to summarize a chapter from a textbook so you can better understand it, or you may need to summarize an author’s point of view to support your argument in a research paper.  Response is the portion of the paper where you get to insert your personal opinion of the text supported by evidence (of course!).

For this essay, you will be summarizing and responding to one of the texts from this unit.  You will want to read/view the work several times, highlight and annotate, and determine what the author’s most important points are.  In 3-4 pages, you will summarize and respond to the work.  Remember, there are 5 qualities to a good summary.  Your summary should be: comprehensive, brief, accurate, neutral, and independent. 

In the response portion of your essay, you should consider the qualities of a good response essay.  You can agree or disagree with the author, provide insight into what you believe the implications of the text are, or assess the text based upon how well the author has written the article.  In any case, you must provide textual evidence to support your claims. 


the movie:Dead Man Walking



-3-4 pages, double-spaced

-12 pt. Times New Roman font

-1” margins

-creative title

-MLA format