Due mon 4/11 by 11pm(est) 1200-1500 words | ORG 7110 | University of the Rockies

Research Affirmative Action

 The 1960s has become synonymous with the words “activism,” “turbulence,” “violence,” and “resistance.” This era was marked by a culture of exclusion for many Americans and the opposition to these exclusions. The Civil Right Act emerged at this time, and has grown into what we now call Affirmative Action. 

Submit a 1200-1500 wds

 on affirmative action and the impact it has had on diversity work.

The points below can be used as a guide:

  • What is affirmation action policy, as described by scholars, practitioners, and researchers?
  • What are the circumstances, both organized and grass roots, that led to the development of this policy?
  • What is the connection between past and present diversity work? In your opinion, has there been a steady progression in all areas?
  • Is it possible for one to be an advocate for diversity and not support affirmative action policies? Why or why not?
  • Is affirmative action still needed to advance diversity work? In your opinion, what would happen if it was eliminated?