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The ANA’s Scope and Standards of Practice establish that nurses engage in self-reflection of professional knowledge (Standard 16), participate in continual professional development (Standard 13), and participate in professional activities and organizations for professional growth and influence (Standard 12). One way to meet these standards is to become a member of professional organizations.

  • Standard 12: Leadership – The registered nurse leads within the profession and practice setting.
  • Standard 13: Education – The registered nurse seeks knowledge and competence that reflects current nursing practice and promotes futuristic thinking.
  • Standard 16: Professional Practice Evaluation – The registered nurse evaluates one’s own and others’ nursing practice.

Search the internet for three professional nursing organizations you would consider joining. Prepare a presentation to introduce these organizations to your peers. Include narration in each of your slides. 

Students clapping for fellow student's presentations.

Your presentation should include:

  • An introduction slide
  • Purpose of mission statement and goals for each organization
  • Membership requirements and any fees
  • Resources provided by the organization
  • Explain how the organizations support ethical or legal nursing issues
  • How the organization can assist you with your entry into practice and with meeting ANA Standards 12, 13, 16
  • Would you consider joining this organization? Why or why not?

Presentation Guidelines 

  • Design a minimum of 10 slides presentation using PowerPoint
  • Include a title slide with your name, course number, instructor name, and date
  • Use note pagesLinks to an external site. that you will use to narrate each slide
  • Bullet your points on the slide, words on slide should be minimal
  • Images and content should have citations on the slide that correlate to a reference
  • Include an APA formatted reference slide
  • Use professional images to enhance your slide
  • Use a consistent font throughout the presentation
  • The background should be professional and eye appealing
  • Each slide should include a narration that is read from the notes pages