”donne intertwines the sacred and profane in[his poem]”

You are writing one essay on the prompt below. Time : One hour 15 minutes. Try to use at least four poems for your essay and try to get some Magill in into it too! Keep away from the plots of the poems. I have read them. Present a logical thesis driven essay which argues its case. Marks will be deducted if the essay indulges in personal responses and empty discussions of “vivid imagery and moving and deep language”: A college essay presents an Argument. You need a thesis to support and persuade us of its validity.

“Talking of ‘Valediction’ Magill says that “Donne is always looking in his poems for the “perfect fusion of human and divine, flesh and spirit, line and circle that constitutes true love.” Magill also says that “The Sun Rising,” although it does not explicitly blend body and soul, is nevertheless an argument for the grandeur of love that can combine spiritual and sexual love in perfect equality.” Regarding ‘Nocturnal’ Magill says that “Donne intertwines the sacred and profane in this poem.” Discuss using four Donne poems that you have studied for this course.