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Posting of your description (Type the piece you remember) and put it into context (What is happening? Who is speaking to whom?)



* Herb Brooks’ speech to the 1980 USA hockey team before they played the Russians in the Olympics. (You would need to type the speech, or part of the speech, here).





10 points

Explain in detail what there was about the organization of the piece you remember (What got your attention? Did it have clear main ideas or coherent transitions?)


* It seemed to have a loose organization, but it was a series of short, terse statements that had been well thought out to invoke feelings of pride in the team. He concludes with the command  “This is your time!! Now go out there and take it!” (Explain more about what got your attention in the way it was written.)





           28 points

Language – (details; concrete, colorful, vivid; appropriate for the topic, audience, and event; turn or twist of a popular phrase to make a new meaning; use of a familiar quote in a new way)


* The language was simple, but vivid and emotional. For example, when he said,” Great moments were born from great opportunity. And that’s what you have here tonight, boys. That’s what you’ve earned here, tonight.” He’s using repetition of phrases to make his point and inspire them to realize just how important this one game is… (explain more)







28 points

Delivery – (pace that fits the purpose – usually without rushing; pauses and vocal variety to be expressive of the meaning- not just to have variety, but to carry the meaning of what is being spoken; rhythm that adds power to the meaning of a key idea; strong eye contact without staring or looking too much at notes, not too long at any one person; minimal physical movement, limited to movements that carry a purpose)


* Herb’s use of pauses while using direct eye contact with each player was awesome. When he says, ”You were born to be hockey players – every one of ya,” they all feel as if the speech were made for them alone. (explain more)







28 points

Response to classmates postings  – sentence or two to summarize similarities, differences in examples posted as compared to your own example.



6 points