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Discussion-Barriers to Communication

However well one communicates there are almost always barriers to effective communication within a health care organization or between them and external stakeholders.  These barriers may be environmental (created by certain characteristics of the organization and its’ environment) such as competition for attention and competition for time on the part of senders and receivers.  There may also be personal barriers to effective communication such as socioeconomic background and previous experiences that are an individual’s frame of reference.  One’s beliefs, values, and prejudices may also come into play.

For this discussion, in one to two paragraphs using your current or a former employment experience as a frame of reference, recount one scenario where ineffective communication caused a significant negative outcome for you, your department, and/or the organization.  Identify specific barriers that you believe contributed to the problem.  Lastly, in retrospect what could have been done differently to improve communication and result in a more positive outcome.