discussion #2: think like a scientist: choose a research question of | psychology | Bergen Community College

As scientists, psychologists are expected to help expand the current knowledge base.  For this post, you are being asked to think like a scientist. Choose a research question of personal interest within the field of psychology. Describe the research question and design a research project to collect data that would help answer this question.  Identify the variables of interest, i.e. if you conduct an experiment, identify the independent and dependent variables.  Finally, identify and address any possible source of bias or external variables that you will need to control in order to clarify the relationship between the variables in question. If you have a similar idea as a classmate, try a slightly different approach. 

In your replies to classmates, consider research methods, questions, or ideas about their topic. Do you know of a resource to share or further the discussion? This is a time for respectful discussion.