DeVry University Online PSYC 315 Social Psychology. TCOs 5 and 8.

DeVry University Online PSYC 315 Social Psychology.

TCOs 5 and 8. In 2007, Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX, part of the Texas A&M system, was rocked by a scandal over a Martin Luther King Day party held on campus. Photos of partygoers posted on Facebook showed some Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity members drinking malt liquor from bottles in paper sacks, eating fried chicken, and dressing in gangsta style attire. This incident came on the heels of a 2006 party put on by first-year law students at the University of Texas in Austin, themed as a “Ghetto-Fabulous” costume party. Pictures posted on the Internet revealed similar partygoer behavior. Some attendees wore fake name tags with historically black and hispanic names.

Administrators at Tarleton, along with Texas state legislators already concerned about the Austin incident, were outraged by the display of bigotry based on prejudging a racial category, especially on a day intended to honor Dr. King’s historic fight for the civil rights of blacks. Tarleton U, as should be noted, has 7,000 white students and 900 black students. Administrators and students were split on whether the incident was an isolated occurrence, or whether racism was institutionalized on the campus.

Analyze the facts of this scenario critically using the following approach: 

a.  explicitly use three (3) concepts from the textbook in your analysis;

b.  identify and very briefly describe each concept you use and link it to specific evidence from the scenario; 

c.  within your group of three course concepts include at least one (1) concept from Chapter 8 (Group Influences) and at least one (1) concept from Chapter 9 (Prejudice: Disliking Others) in your analysis.