Define a header and data format

I need help with this Java programming assignment, can anyone help?

Purpose:This program will generate a series of random numbers and produces a table containing these values and some statistics about them.

  • The program should define a Header and Data format string to output results as shown in the sample at the bottom.
  • The program will get from the user the maximum random number to be computed (an integer). It will get this value into a String variable.
  • The program will use the Integer wrapper class to parse the integer out of the String and store in an integer variable.
  • Then the program will ask the user how many random numbers will be generated. It should also receive this number in a String and use theInteger wrapper class to get the integer into an integer variable.
  • Using a for loop, output a table with the following characteristics:
    • Print a header of titles using a header format and printf (this should be before the loop, not inside the loop).
    • There should be one line per each random line generated.
    • Each line should contain:
      • A line number, also known asround.
      • The generated random number.
      • Current Maximum of all generated random numbers so far.
        • Utilize Math class to determine current Max
      • Current Minimum of all generated random numbers so far.
        • Utilize Math class to determine current Min
      • Current Total of all generated random numbers so far added together.
        • Total should be calculate using a compound operator.
      • Current average of all generated random numbers so far.
        • Average should be shown with 2 decimal places.
      • Output “End Run…” after all lines have been output.


Mimic the output in the sample below exactly. Numbers will change due to random and selection but format will be the same.