Cultural environment analysis | Marketing homework help


Instructions. Please reword the attached document using articles  as references listed   

Canadian Culture in a Global World (

How And What

History of Canada – Wikipedia

Canada’s Top 10 Exports 2020 (

Please pick a foreign country that you want to conduct international business with. Your role in the international business can be as an importer to import product(s) from that foreign country, as an exporter to export product(s) to that foreign country, or as a businessperson to actually go to the local market of that foreign country to conduct business. Please select one role only and select the product(s) you want to deal with. Then answer the following questions.

  • Conduct and present a general analysis of the cultural environment of that foreign country in terms of history and geography.
  • Through the analysis, what do you think is the influence of its cultural environment on your business? You can talk about this in terms of opportunity and threat.
  • How do you plan to capture the opportunity and avoid the threat? You can talk about some actions you may consider taking.

 There is no limit for the number of words, but for each part, please answer it in at least a paragraph since more details are preferred.