Csci 450 computer architecture | computer architecture | Texas A&m University

1. Review RUP info in more detail, also found in pdf format by IBM.

a. List 3 factual statements and their reference links for each.

b. Post a diagram you find showing how the 4 phases relate to the task types.

2. Review IHMC concept map technology.

a. Describe how you could utilize ontologies using this tool for organization of ideas and documents (few sentences). 

b. Post an example Cmap image you find.

3. Review Wolfram technology providing 6000+ functions compatible with other popular computer languages. (

a. Describe how math and visual analytics can help in any aspect of computer architecture development, simulation, or deployment (few sentences)

b. Post 1 example function (as visual image) that can serve as visual analytics using Wolfram programming lab online