Cs101 – final project: hangman

General Instructions:


Create a simple hangman game.


Hangman is played as follows:


  1. One player chooses a secret word, then writes out a number of dashes equal to the word length.


  1. The other players begin guessing letters. If a player guesses a letter that’s in the word, the first player reveals all instances of that letter in the word. Otherwise, the guess is incorrect.


  1. The game ends either when all the letters in the word have been revealed or when the guessers have run out of guesses.


Specific Instructions:


The entire logic for this program should be written in a User-defined class. You should run your program until the user decides to end the game.


Your program should do the following:


  1. Prompt the user for a word length, re-prompting as necessary until the user enters a number such that there’s at least one word that’s exactly that long. That is, if the user wants to play with words of length -42 or 137, since no English words are that long, you should re-prompt her.


  1. Prompt the user for a number of guesses, which must be at an integer greater than zero.


  1. Print out how many guesses the user has remaining, along with any letters the player has guessed and the current blanked-out version of the word.
  1. If the player has run out of guesses, display the secret word.
  1. If the player correctly guesses the word, display congratulations.





  1. Your work should be properly documented.
  1. A user-defined class is used to implement your solution


Please personalize your program.