Crime and education | Human Resource Management homework help

I.      Specific Hypothesis.

II.     Applicable Sociological Concepts.

a.     Theory A

b.    Concept 1

c.     Concept 2

III.    Practical Implications.  

a.     Implications for public policy

                                          i.    Education

                                         ii.    Taxes

b.    Implications for employers

c.     Implications for spouses of workaholics

4.       Evidence. 

1.       Line of evidence 1

                                          i.    The evidence and what it means

                                         ii.    Possible biases

                                        iii.    Alternative explanations of what it means.

2.       Line of evidence 2

                                          i.    The evidence and what it means

                                         ii.    Possible biases

5.       Conclusion(s):  All available evidence refutes the hypothesis, but there are alternative explanations. 



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