Creative presentation on researched argument essa’y topic

Week 16 – Assignment A – Creative Presentation on Researched Argument Essa’y Topic / Argument

Create a 5 minute Creative Presentation on your Researched Argument Essa’y topic or argument. It can be any format:

Google Slideshow, a poem, a video, a short film, a Kahoot combined with another activity, a song, just get creative and have fun with this! Bonus points for creativity.

Ideas for Creation

  • The presentation can be on the topic you researched to inform the audience of the problem.
  • It could introduce the problem and then focus on the solution.
  • It can demonstrate the argument you made in your research essa’y.
  • Focus on the “So What?” throughout the presentation. Make the audience understand why this problem matters and inspire them to take action.
  • Include links or tips on how the audience can help improve the issue, support resources, or links to vote and take action, etc.
  • If you choose a Google Slideshow:
    • Do not just copy and paste paragraphs from your essa’y. Only use bullet points, and then describe your ideas verbally.
    • Make sure it’s very creative but readable (no tiny or hard to read font for example) if you’re doing a Google Slideshow.
    • Include images.
    • Include an ending slide with your Works Cited citations.
  • Be sure to save it as a shared file to anyone with the link.