Create an evaluation matrix chart in ms excel comparing 3 technology | Cyber security | Prince George’s Community College

Create an Evaluation Matrix Chart in MS Excel comparing 3 technology careers for each criterion. 

What should be in the matrix:

  • Three technology careers from Chapter Module 8. (i.e. system analysis, software engineer, help desk technician) to evaluate.
  • Three criteria (all students must use these criteria).  
  • Formulas in each cell – Use the videos in the Video Resource folder to learn how to create a excel worksheet, formulas, and chart in addition to Evaluation Matrix Example Criteria file in the section below.

Submitting the Assignment:

Create 2 Excel worksheets.   

  1. The first is your Excel matrix chart with formulas to calculate weighted scores and totals using a mixed cell reference. You will see which career scored best with the raw scores and which career scored best with the weighted scores. Divide 100 points among the criteria with the highest number of points going to the criteria most important to you.
  2. The second is a chart of your results from the matrix.  The chart may be the style of your choice. It must give good information about the data in your worksheet with your matrix. Name each worksheet in the workbook appropriately. Submit your file with both worksheets into the Blackboard assignment.

An example of the matrix is in this section labeled Evaluation Matrix Tutorial as an attachment.  Watch videos in the video reference folder for guidance below.  Additional Resources available under section.

Do not forget to record your sources/references in APA format.

Your graded on having all of the required information:

  • Three technology careers 
  • Three criteria   
  • Formulas in each cell