Create a network topology | Computer Science homework help


Contoso is an Oshawa based startup company with 15 employees that sells custom digital artwork through their online store. The company was growing quickly and set up their infrastructure through Google searches and recommendations from friends. As their company gets bigger, they are looking to seek the advice of an expert to examine their current network infrastructure and suggest improvements. Contoso is expected to grow to 700 employees in the next 16 months. They also plan to open a second branch site in Toronto. The company is remarkably busy with their day-to-day operations and has offered you as much detail as they can about their operations. Every device on the network is part of the same IP subnet, 

A company have two servers that host the services required to run the business. 

  1. Server A – Multiple virtual machines on it that host their Domain Controller, DNS, File share, and a licensing server for their design software. The owner of the company mentions that only the windows computers need access to this server.
  2. Server B – Hosts their website that is accessed by their customers and their database service for their catalog of artwork


Contoso currently has their servers and networking equipment in a far corner of their shared lunchroom space as it was easier for them to get access to the systems. They also only have one locked door to enter their office and the rest of the spaces are considered “open office” and they assumed that meant no locks, only open doors. All employees at the company simply get 5 minutes of IT orientation where     

a member of the IT team simply logs the user into the network and changes their password. There are no other policies or training offered to staff related to IT. 

They also mentioned that currently nobody can work from home because they need access to the file share, and it does not work when they leave the building. 

The owner of the company lets you know they understand security is important but have been too busy to consider implementing any services, programs, or procedures for their company. The owner of the company advises you to assume an unlimited budget in your proposals. They also will not have time to answer any investigative questions you may have before you present your final pitch, and they ask you to write all assumptions down with your report. 

I need help on creating diagram of network topology for the Company by keeping those server into the consideration and another diagram if the company opens 2nd branch in other area. The diagram includes the devices in the network, connection types between devices, the IP addressing scheme, and additional network devices you are proposing. This diagram can be created Visio, Packet Tracer,

also please Provide reasoning for the changes to the network topology. Categorize the changes into the four basic characteristics of a network (reliability, scalability, quality of service, and security) 


Provide the IPv4 addressing details for the table below. The initial address space provided to you is 10.xx.0.0/16 where “xx” is your group number. Provide a brief explanation for why you chose these subnet sizes