Cpmgt/300: project management 1 week 2

Use the same company/project idea you used in this week’s Learning Team assignment.

Prepare a visual presentation for the project sponsor and other executives of the company that describes the team structure for the project. Be sure to use Chapters 6 and 8 from Leading Project Teams as your primary source of information. 

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes discussing how these concepts apply to the project you wrote about with your learning team and include the following:

  • Be sure to apply all of the concepts listed below to the company/project idea you used from this week’s Learning Team Assignment.
  • The 6 fundamentals of team structure
  • The 5 stage model of team development
  • The stages in the life cycle of the project
  • The team leadership needed at each stage of the project life cycle
  • The roles of the project leader in team management (internal and external)
  • Include an introduction or agenda slide, a conclusion slide and a slide with at least two APA formatted references.