Could you help me with this assignment and a famous person to analyze?

First, read Chapter 15 in your textbook and review the personality theories covered throughout this course.

Then, choose a famous person, and in your initial post, analyze his or her personality according to one of the theories you learned about in this course. For example, according to your chosen theory, why does this person think, feel, or behave the way that he or she does?

Next, address the following: You have had the opportunity to assess your own personality throughout this course. Looking back to the journal you wrote in Module One, what new insights have you had regarding your own personality? Further, how will the knowledge you gained from this course help you in your future studies or professional life? How you will incorporate your studies in personality psychology into your future career goals?

In responding to your classmates, share your reaction to their analysis of a famous person and offer your own assessment. Also, comment on the insights they have offered about their own personalities and how they will apply what they have learned going forward.