Continuous quality improvement part ii

 Each quality improvement (QI) initiative is composed of systematic inputs, processes, and activities. Additionally, the QI initiative is a team process involving various stakeholders. Whether the initiative is seeking to improve wait time, diabetes care, or other important goals, a team effort can help achieve significant and lasting improvements. Without proper resources as inputs, the QI activities might not reach their optimal outcomes.

Read the following attachments:

Practical Aspects of the Use of Healthcare Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Tool in the Risk Management of Pediatric Emergency Department: The Scrutiny in Iran 

Risk Analysis in Healthcare Organizations: Methodological Framework and Critical Variables 

In three to five pages address the following:

  • Identify at least three quality improvement or risk management tools or methodologies (e.g. flowchart, 6-Sigma, etc.) needed for The Quality Improvement Measure, “Patients who ‘Strongly Agree’ they understood their care when they left the hospital” under the “Survey of Patients’ Experiences” category.
    • Be sure to provide the rationales for your selected tools or methodologies.
  • Determine the stakeholders involved to accomplish your QI initiative.
    • Be sure to provide the rationales.
  • Examine other resources (e.g., time, financial, materials, etc.) required for your QI initiative.
    • Be sure to provide the rationales.

Must use at least three scholarly or peer-reviewed sources published in the past 5 years in APA Style.