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Attend Ethics even (California time 4/18 5:00PM-6:15PM)

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**And write one page Concise Paper with single-space

The contents of a paper reflecting viewpoints of yours are neither debated nor deducted. Your opinions and judgements are fully respected. When I read your paper, I intently listen to your talk, and enjoy it, but I grade your paper as objectively as possible, using my Instructor’s Checklist in the course SYLLABUS that is reproduced below. The format, style, and length limit must follow the Writing a Concise Paper guidelines, below listed.

Papers get DEDUCTIONS most frequently for NOT following the Checklist number 1 below. When your paper does not use “I”, “my” often, you certainly get deducted. Not following other items [2 -7] also get deducted. My grading comments often include a ? mark or a Letter X followed by the Checklist number not  followed, for example, X1 or ?1 tells your paper is devoid of using “I” and “my”.

1.   Use Active Voice.  Use “I” often.  Cite sources at least 1 or more, while letting them speak. 

2.   Cite sources fully, integrating them in your writing.  Avoid: It is said . . . .  Instead let the speaker come alive: Mr. Menedez said, “ .  .  .  . ”  I am interested in what he said. 

3.  Include:  The paper’s TITLE that tells the specific, concrete focus of your interest. Avoid a general, broad topic.

       1st paragraph.  Describe, first, the event that you attended, saying: “I attended . . . ” to introduce the paper.   

       2nd paragraph. The data gathered, citing the presenter(s) and discussant(s). Analysis, discussion, and findings in your own words, using “I” or “My” here.

       3rd paragraph.  A concise, yet concrete summary of your paper and your conclusions, again using “I” or “My” here.

4.   Your paper must be single spaced, up to 1 page, Do not exceed 1 page, single-spaced.