Cloud infrastructure ii | Information Systems homework help


The IT Guru corporation has recently hired a new Assistant Chief Information Officer (ACIO) to help oversee the organization’s IT infrastructure. 

As the senior network administrator you will be provided the ACIO with a tour of the corporate data center and should be prepared to answer a variety of important questions related to the organizations IT infrastructure. Prior to the tour you are going to prepare a document to help you thoroughly answer each question you expect to receive.  

The document you should prepare should include the following:

  • Discuss what ideal network performance looks like and provide examples of metrics you would use to measure good network performance
  • Explain the tools and techniques you use for network monitoring and optimization and the common types of network traffic issues you are monitoring for.
  • Provide a shortlist of the top 5 requirements that cloud service providers should be held accountable to. 
  • Explain the differences between cloud data provenance and process provenance.
  • Explain 3 challenges of managing data in the cloud.     
  • What are the risks of data ownership when cloud data are load-balanced to servers housed outside of the United States?
  • Discuss elements of cloud-based infrastructure to include cloud-based, premise-based, and hybrid network solutions that could be considered for future use at your organization.