Cla2 presentation – mis | Information Systems homework help

In addition to your CLA2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA2. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your CLA2 report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you should include learning outcomes from all your major assignments. This would include PA1, CLA1, PA2, and of course, CLA2 (unless otherwise specified by your Professor). An agenda, executive summary, and references slides should also be included. 


  1. I have attached the PPT format that required by professor, PPT for all the chapters and all of the previous assignments that you have to include as the learning outcomes to the attachments.
  2. Except from the chapter’s and previous assignments’ learning outcomes, you also have to include the learning outcomes from CLA2 paper as well
  3. Please also include the script for the Presentation (Could be included in the PPT as the speaker notes or word format)